Porridge Trivia

Test your knowledge of traditional Scottish porridge terms

  • 'cauld steer'
  • 'crackins'
  • 'drammlicks'

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Trivia Answers

cauld steer(ie) oatmeal stirred in cold water (or sour milk), cold brose now North-Perth.

crackins a dish of fried oatmeal now North-East.

drammlicks the small pieces of oatmeal dough which stick to the basin when making oatcakes now Aberdeen.

Coutesy of Scottish National Dictionary Association.



Every occurance of a Porridge for Parkinson's breakfeat is unique in it's blend of people and motivation. We have shared some of the story behind our experience in doing this and would invite everyone to do the same, not only with your words but also with your photos.
All of the photos above courtesy of Dina Goldstein.

Photos of more Porridge for Parkinson's breakfast parties

Sites we like/useful information


Golden Spurtle
World porridge making championship in Carrbridge, Scotland held the first Sunday in September www.Goldenspurtle.com is full of fun and lots of information on porridge.

Sunrise Woodcrafts in Nova Scotia
Sunrise Woodcrafts has a fair bit of info about oatmeal and porridge on their website. That's because they make lovely spurtles, and have partnered with us to raise money for Parkinson's research.

Scottish National Dictionary Association (SNDA)
Special thanks to the Scottish National Dictionary Association for generously providing us with the porridge trivia used on the site.


Michael J. Fox
Michael J. Fox's "outing" as a pwp (person with Parkinson's) has raised awareness beyond imagination and made fundraising and living with this disease easier. We thank him for his graciousness and continued good spirits.

Murray Charters
There is an enormous amount of information about Parkinson's Disease on the Internet. Murray Charters, a Vancouverite, has tried to make it more accessible by gathering it all together. Click on Contents or VIP and that will lead you to a world of resources.

Parkinson's Society of Canada

The National Parkinson Foundation of the U.S.A.

The Pacific Parkinson's Research Institute
The Pacific Parkinson's Research Institute is the recipient of monies raised
by the original breakfast.
They fund the Pacific Parkinson's Research Centre at UBC.


We are dedicated fans of Cooks Illustrated Magazine which published the
article on the best porridge ever.

Mark Bittman
Mark came up with the Compote recipe and we are big fans of anything he does.

Marg Meikle has two other projects on the go:  Dear Answer Lady, a home for the books she writes for children, and Your Plan-it , a  product she has recently developed.

The home of Avery Products is filled with lots of tips and clever ideas.

Alternative Uniform Designs
If you want to find chef's aprons or hats, we like in Vancouver.

Fluid Perception Media Inc.
"Fluid Perception is proud to have been given the chance to create this site. When I presented Marg with the idea of taking the design and functionality of the original Porridge for Parkinson's site up a notch (or two), she jumped at the idea.

What started out as a small web re-design project, grew to include the design and development of the Host Kit, that contained pretty much everything a potential PfP breakfast host would need... Other than the friends and family to invite. Power to the people!

The site has aided Marg in raising $55,000 for Parkinson's disease research in it's first year. It's amazing to see the momentum it has created. Marg is an incredible driving force, and I no longer have any misconceptions as to where she can take the Porridge for Parkinson's movement. With her perfect balance of intelligence and stubbornness, the sky's the limit!"

Shawn Mabey
Principal & Producer